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'While my life's commitment is to the stage, behind the scenes is a huge part of my life as it is for all dancers'.

I’m a dancer with English National Ballet, London UK. I dance a wide variety of repertoire seasonally, travelling globally and perform at some of the worlds best theatres. 

Live performances require 100% accuracy and exceptional dedication from dancers. However this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many cogs to the engine that make this process happen. A big part of my time is spent behind the scenes, working alongside many skilled professionals who work together continuously to create shows of the highest standard.

BalletFriends is all about opening doors, showcasing dancers and connecting dance enthusiasts via a dynamic platform - releasing monthly interviews, articles, BF- TV and blogs.
It all started with a single tweet, seen by a handful of followers. This has now grown to over 30,000 fans (and growing) collectively across @BalletFriends social platforms. 
I’m truly filled with gratitude by the immense support of the BalletFriends audience.

Let's continue this journey.. thanks,


Joshua McSherry-Gray, English National Ballet.