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Nancy Burer - Dutch National Ballet

April 15, 2016

Nancy Burer - Dutch National Ballet

Nancy was born in Almere - the Netherlands and trained at the National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam. In 2013 she joined the Dutch National Junior Company and in 2015 was offered to join the corps de ballet of the main company - Dutch National Ballet.
What gets you out of bed in the mornings?  
A good breakfast with a coffee, and then ballet class! Taking class is the most important aspect of the day, as it’s essential to improve each day to achieve what you want. 
How did you start dancing and why? 
I started dancing when I was 4 years old. My reason is so cheesy but true. I saw Swan Lake on the television and from then on, I told my parents I wanted to become a ballerina!  
Most memorable moment of your career? 
There are a few moments but three of them so far are; working for the first time with Hans van Manen within his ballet 5 Tangos, my first pas de deux at The Dutch National Ballet in The Nutcracker and being part of Viktor & Rolf's fashion show in Paris.  

Nancy Burer - Dutch National Ballet - BalletFriendsPhoto Credit Dutch National Ballet 

Who is your role model and why?

Igone de Jongh. She is an inspiration not only in the world of ballet but also as a person. When I was a child studying at the Dutch National Ballet school in Amsterdam, I always looked up to her. A gorgeous ballerina with stunning lines, though they're not her only qualities, it's her ability of telling a story so clear and beautifully. Last year she danced La dame aux camellias with Marijn Rademaker which was one of the most beautiful things I've seen. If I want some advice, I can always ask her. I’d love to achieve a similar position one day, guiding younger ones, especially the children studying at the ballet school. 

Do you have a specific way of warming up for a performance? 
I always like to run before a show to get my blood circling through my body. After that I do a Barré. I like to listen to a variety of music, depending what I'll be performing to help me get into the zone.  
Which is your favourite theatre to perform in? 
The Royal Albert Hall in London - it's beautiful and immense! It has this amazing old theatre style, as many theatres do in London. I'm in love with London, one day I would love to move to the incredible city, but first I want to build a fine career in Amsterdam! 
How is company life at Dutch National Ballet? 
It's a dream come true! I am Dutch and I have grown up with The Dutch National Ballet. I have seen so many beautiful dancers perform with the company. I learn every day just by watching colleagues in class and on stage. I also love the repertoire of the company. We perform all classics, current contemporary pieces and have great in-house choreographers that make beautiful pieces for us.   
Nancy Burer - Dutch National Ballet - BalletFriends 
Photo Credit Dutch National Ballet
Do you have any hidden talents? 
I used to play tennis and at the age of eleven I was asked to play in The Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association for the children, but because I was also studying at the ballet school, I had to choose one from the other - I remember my ballet teacher told me my arms were too muscular and I explained I was playing tennis every three days in a week. She told me I had to stop because my body would not be like a ballerina. Now as I am older, I occasionally find time play. It’s like an escape from straight backs and wearing skirts. 
What has been the hardest and most challenging role you have performed? 
The performance Double Juliet by Sasha Waltz. It was a show Dutch National Ballet and The Opera collaborated together on. I think for the entire ballet company it was a really challenging process. It was an abstract ballet and whole new style of choreography for us all - we could not stretch our feet or wear pointe shoes. As dancers we are used counting rhythms and melodies to stay synchronized but we didn’t have a similar structure as such with this performance – we used the words from the opera singers as cues. It was such an interesting experience and developed into the most beautiful love story, which was original and unique. Even though it took me a long time to became comfortable with it, I feel much richer as a ballet dancer from the experience. 
  Nancy Burer - Dutch National Ballet - BalletFriends 
Photo Credit Dutch National Ballet
What's your escape from the ballet world? 
Seeing my family and meeting with friends, occasionally going to the movies or having a little drink. Also laying on the couch and watching Netflix is one of my favourite activities on a free day!


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